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Ultimate Beginner Guide For Starting A Blog

by Louis Lucas

Blogging is a great way to introduce yourself to the world. Starting a blog can really be a struggle if you are completely new to this, to make things easier for you, we decided to create this article and help you with starting your own personal blog. In this article, we are going to give an answer to some of the most asked questions about starting a blog.

How to start a blog?

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1. Why do you want to start a blog? When it comes to starting a blog, you need to have a clear vision of why do you want to start your blog in the first place? So why do you want to start your blog? What motivates you to do this? Our recommendation is to start your blog about something that you have experience on, or about something that you want to learn, so you can share your progress with the rest of the world and inspire them to do the same with their own lives. 

2. Choose your blog name wisely. Choosing the right name is one of the most important things that you must do in the right way. Your name should be something that will represent you and your blog in the best possible way, and, something that will be unique and catchy, Don’t rush it if you can’t come up with the good name, just take your time come up with something that will make you 100% satisfied with.

3. Make sure you have good and relevant content. Making good and quality content can really be a struggle sometimes. You need to write something that people want to read and engage with, and doing that is easier said than done. We all struggle with creativity sometimes, but, to grow, we must be consistent with our blog posts. So if you are struggling with content, Google, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube will be your best friends, whatever you are writing about, these websites will help you to come out with some fresh ideas for writing.

4. Get traffic. Getting traffic to your blog can be time-consuming, you will have to invest some extra time and energy into it, but in the end, it will really be worth it. There are several different ways when it comes to getting free organic traffic to your blog. Creating Instagram, Twiter or Facebook account is one way of doing it. On these platforms, you can easily find people that share the same interests as you and you can easily notify them every time you make a new blog post. If you like being in front of the camera, then YouTube is a really great option for you. 

Which blogging platforms to use?

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Which blogging platforms to use is one of the toughest questions for every beginner. This is our list of the top 3 platforms for blogging.

WordPress.Org – This is probably the most known blogging platform in the world. If you decide to go use this platform then you will be able, to control every aspect of your website, they have hundreds of different free themes that you can use, and they provide you with the ability to use more than 50.000 free plugins! 

Blogger – This is a free blogging service that is created by Google. Google acquired and completely redesigned this platform in 2003, and all you need to do to start using this platform is to create a Google account You can use this platform for free.

Squarespace – If you would like to build your own website, then we recommending you to go with this one. Squarespace is a platform when you can create your own website using a simple drag and drop tools method. Squarespace is very easy to use, it has a lot of professionally designed templates and it offers SSL/HTTPs domain names. This platform is not free to use, they offer several payment plans.

Can you make money blogging?

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Can you make money blogging? Well, the short answer is Yes. But… Don’t expect to get rich overnight. There are several ways of making money with blogging, and we are going to mention some of them;

1. Sell digital products – This is one of the best ways to make money through your blog, you can create your own ebooks, courses, digital products. customized t-shirts, hoodies, etc… 

2. Monetize your blog with ads. There are 2 types of ads that you can use to make your blog profitable;

  • PPC\CPC. “Pay Per Click” or “Cost Per Click” ads are when you place a banner on a visible place in your blog post, so whenever someone clicks on that banner, you earn some money.
  • CPM ads. ” Coast per thousand impressions” or “Coast Per Mile” This ad payment model is based on a 1000 impressions payment system/

3. Affiliate marketing links – In this model of monetization, you place an affiliate link of some digital product in your blog, and whenever someone buys that product using your link. you get a commission.

4. Create membership – Creating a private membership is another good option for making money from your blog. For example; If your blog is about business, you can create a private membership in which you will share unique tips about starting a business, choosing the right products, creating a good marketing campaign, etc..

5. Sell Private Ads – If your blog is highly visited, then people will want you to promote them, this is a great way of monetizing your blog because you can create and set your own prices.