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The Go-To Guide To Social Media Marketing For 2020

by Louis Lucas
Social Media Marketing

It’s easy to get traffic fast with ads. As for sales, it’s not so easy.

You have seen it many times on business ads and courses.

This software will drive more traffic to your website.

That’s why you see many people running ads on Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Although there are lots of advertisers, most of them are just that, people who look for traffic. If you learn to target your traffic with Facebook and Instagram, you will create a money printer!

Advertising As Social Media Marketing

In social media, everybody can create an online presence for free. However, it takes time to grow a community and get attention, especially at first. Would you rather pay for traffic to speed it up?

Social Media Marketing Platforms

One the one hand, you hear of marketers who scaled to six and seven figures with ads. On the other hand, there are stories of people who spend hundreds of dollars with no return.

The difference between success and failure is the brand itself. The moment you have an amazing product and marketing system, Facebook and Instagram ads can do wonders for your business.

Facebook Ads

The trick to creating profitable ads is to understand how traffic works. There are two facts that will increase conversions, but reduce traffic.

  • Micro-niches show less competition, but the traffic is more limited. Always have a couple of thousand of monthly searches to ensure enough traffic.
  • The more you segment your audience, the more potential buyers you will get. Although it reduces traffic, you will have a higher engagement.

Quality beats quantity.

The Facebook Ads Platform

Facebook Ads offers a user-friendly interface to set your budget and manage campaigns. However, it’s in the Audience section where marketers make money.

Because Facebook has tracked so much data, you can filter users by demographics, interests, liked pages, and purchase frequency.

Facebook Like

Even better, each option shows you how many people compose that group. Whenever you change your filter, there is an indicator on the top-right corner that changes in real-time.

You will see an estimate of how many people and clicks you could get with your budget. Remember to always target a group between Specific and Broad for better results.

Now, the app is popular because of the so-called Facebook Pixels. Here, your campaign will only target people who visited your website more than once. Imagine how the conversions rise.

Instagram Ads

Many reasons make Instagram Ads the right choice for 2020. The app has grown exponentially in the last years, reaching the scale of Facebook. Also, It’s known to create ten times more engagement for cheaper. How?

Social Media Marketing on Instagram

What does Instagram have that Facebook doesn’t?

Although the Ad extension is a recent update, the answer is on the format. On Instagram, there is no contrast between ads and organic content other than a small label. Even if you notice the ad-copy, it doesn’t feel as intrusive as on Facebook.

With Instagram, creators can retarget visitors to their website, other channels, or another app. From image carousels to video, possibilities are limitless.