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Top 3 Best VPS Providers For Your New Website

by Louis Lucas

Do you want to create a website?

Are you looking to create your online presence? What about starting your business on the Internet?

Websites create the first impression of your brand. How do you create a platform people want to visit?

The Truth About Web Building

Design is overlooked when compared to hosting. Think of it: what’s the point of having an amazing page if people leave after five seconds?

It could be uptime, load speed, CPU, or memory. Without these basics, a website is unusable.

What’s the first thing we do to build a website? We get a domain and a hosting plan. While domains are important for SEO, hosting improves website performance.

The more resources you can use from a server, the better your website will work.

Best VPS Providers

Yes, you can build a website for free. You can get a long-link for your domain and shared hosting for zero money. The space limits don’t affect small websites that much, so free web builders are useful.

However, that’s why you shouldn’t use them for real businesses. Although the best option is the dedicated hosting, it costs hundreds to maintain every month.

VPS providers offer a middle option. You can get the performance of dedicated servers ten times under the normal price.

Hostgator VPS – best VPS provider in customer service

Hostgator Logo

Although it’s not the cheapest option in the market, Hostgator is a strong server with a long history. Millions of websites use their VPS since 2002.

Hostgator provides superior hosting features at many price variations. Regardless of your needs, customer support is guaranteed.

If you want to read the client reviews and further options, you can visit the official website.

Bluehost VPS – best VPS provider for WordPress

Bluehost Logo

The first eye-catching feature is the free domain you get. With 8GB of RAM, Blue Host is one of the best VPS providers of 2020.

At a fair cost, you can get the most out of their servers. Along with VPS, you can choose Shared or Dedicated hosting.

Even better, you can integrate any upgrades you wish with the VPS and dedicated server.

How about security? When using shared hosting, your website is at a higher risk. With Bluehost, your website security is absolute.

DreamHost VPS – the cheapest VPS provider

Dreamhost Logo

So far, the reviewed brands offer around 4TB of max bandwidth. What if you could get it unlimited?

That’s right. Dreamhost will set no limits to your bandwidth no matter what plan you choose. Also, their servers provide 8GB of RAM space, 99.95% uptime time, and over 240GB of space.

With these features, you can take massive action on building your website. Although customization is limited, you can get Dreamhost for $15. That’s the cheapest option you can ever find among competitors.

Our Conclusion

For most creators, the best VPS providers are recommended over dedicated and shared hosting. You get the best of both worlds while saving money.

Depending on the brand, your plans change from $10 to $150 per month. With VPS, you can use custom code, open remote desktops, and a control panel to host unlimited websites.

You can do it with no management skills. The best VPS providers take care of everything so that you can focus on creating amazing websites.

Remember that shared hosting is not bad. It is the right choice for small businesses and testing. Choose VPS over shared hosting if your goal is to create a lasting online presence.

Read more about web hosts from Best Hosting Providers.

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