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What To Sell In eCommerce 2020?

by Louis Lucas

Every day, 16 million Americans shop online. This number is increasing, and of course, so does competition. Ecommerce is about to change in 2020.

How many times have you landed on an online-shop only to click away? If a website is confusing, you look elsewhere.

Use the right platform, however, and people will browse in your store without even thinking.

Shopify VS Bigcommerce

If you are into e-commerce, you will have heard of these names. With this software, you can manage your products and design your store.

According to analytics, Shopify is the most popular. Although both platforms look the same, their features vary with their plans.

eCommerce Platforms For Big Sellers

Shopify Logo

This short comparison is vain if sellers are unaware of sales limits. Unlike Shopify, Bigcommerce has an annual sales cap that increases with their plans.

Income wise, this won’t be a problem for successful sellers. Just know that you will require an Enterprise plan to change the limit.

Store Transactions

Bigcommerce Logo

In general, Bigcommerce has lower credit card fees than Shopify. The difference is smaller than 0.5%, and the average is 2%. It will barely affect your profits as a new seller.

When taking payments from other countries, transaction fees vary as well. Here, Bigcommerce wins. All their transactions are free worldwide.

Shopify, however, only accepts payments from a list of popular countries. Fees go anywhere from 2% to 0.5% based on your plan.

Which one is better for eCommerce?

Both tools bring everything you will need for your e-commerce store. The difference is in the details, and the decision probably depends on personal preference.

As a big seller, you may want to switch to Bigcommerce. You will reduce your taxes and sell them worldwide. You will need a custom plan for the annual sales limit.

Shopify fits any store. Especially for beginners, you can start with the cheap Lite plan, $9 per month.

Pricing barely changes with their advanced plans. The monthly subscription goes from $30 to $300.

What To Sell Online

Online Shopping

Shopify eases e-commerce for beginner entrepreneurs. In 2020, you will see a curious change in marketing.

Imagine you open an apparel store in a street of over fifty competitors. Also, ten new stores open in the same street every day. Can you see the problem here?

In these cases, the money ends up going to a small group of brands. Plus, people will buy the most comfortable solution out there.

Think of the last time you bought a fridge. Would you buy another one, even if it’s 20% more efficient? That’s the point.

How To Sell Online With Product Creation

Ecommerce platforms will process your website sales. But why would buyers visit the store in the first place?

Because of platforms like Shopify, everyone can create a store using a free trial. Clients won’t see any reason to buy a better product unless it is ten times better than theirs.

A decade ago, it took time and money to create a store. Now, it’s easy and automatic. Use those extra resources to create a superior product, and customers will follow.

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